Set Sail Around Corsica on a Yacht!: Perks of Yacht Chartering

Would you like to go on a seafaring adventure in the Western Mediterranean Sea? In that case, Corsica is a good place to start your journey. As the French novelist Balzac put it, Corsica is ‘a French island basking in the Italian sun’ as it is nestled between Sardinia and the Côte d’Azur. It is also known as ‘l’ïle de beauté’ or the Island of Beauty for its dramatic scenery. It has much to offer travelers of all kinds, especially those who have booked a yacht charter in Corsica.

When is the Best Time to Sail?

From mid-July to late August, the waters between Sardinia and Corsica tend to become overcrowded with like-minded seafarers and cruise goers. Hence, you will want to arrive early or book ahead to ensure that your vessel will have space at the marina. The off-season still tends to be busy but it’s guaranteed that your Corsica Mediterranean yacht charter trip would be more relaxed by then.

What’s the Weather Over There?

The summer season starts from May and ends in early October, with only occasional bouts of unsettled weather. Expect periods of strong Westerlies, an extension of the winter Mistral, during this time. They blow particularly strong in the Bonifacio Strait, with F7 winds quite common. Afternoons on the western coastlines are characterised by brisk sea breezes as well. It would be best to avoid getting a yacht charter in Corsica during the winter as sailing can be very uncomfortable then with significant swell and big winds.

Where are the Anchorages and Harbours?

If you’re after the majestic scenery of the island, you should follow the west coastline from Cap Corse to Ajaccio. This route will allow you to pass by some peaceful country views, beautiful white sand beaches, and the magnificent mountain ranges. Of course, you might also want to try the popular cruising ground that is the Straits of Bonifacio which share the Lavezzi and Maddalena Archipelagos. Drop by the Golfe de Porto-Vecchio while you’re there. It’s the biggest inlet on the island plus it has a marina, making it a perfect Corsica yacht charter destination and meal stop.

How to Get To and From There?

Obviously, the best way to get to and from the island would be by boat. If you haven’t booked a luxury yacht charter in Corsica yet, you can take a motor yacht from the French Riviera instead. The trip would take a day’s sail or 3 to 4 hours. You can also take a ferry or plane from all major French airports. Setting off from the Tuscan Islands or Propriano is also a good idea.

Who to Book a Yacht From?

There are many businesses from whom you can book a yacht charter in Corsica. However, you should make sure that you make arrangements with a provider who’s not only reliable but also transparent. 212 Yachts offers you yacht charter services you’re sure you will not regret during or after your trip. Their vessels are of top quality and their customer service is impressive. So, get in touch with this company who will go the extra nautical mile for you.