Finding quality cheap tyres

Car tyres provide the edge between your car and the road surface. They play a very vital part in the overall performance of the car and key safety measures. A car without tyres is totally useless and dysfunctional. From time to time, car tyres get worn out, minimizing the overall performance on the road. This is a clear indicator that you need to purchase new tyres, or even used ones. Before heading to purchase the best cheap tyres Brisbane dealers sell, it is important to have basic knowledge on tyres to help you get the right one.

Looking for quality cheap tyres Brisbane wide can be somehow hectic. However, there are particular things that every car owner should know before heading out to the dealer shop.

Grip vs durability? Every tyre has a specific rubber mix and tread pattern. A soft tyre will offer a better grip compared with a rough tyre, but it is not durable. Therefore, for better grip on the road, one can choose to buy a soft tyre, but for durability a hard tyre is the perfect choice.

Every tyre is designed for a particular car type and size. The measurements come in a confusing mix of letters to help every driver pick up the right size. If you are not sure about the right size for your car, please do consult your tyre dealer to avoid any confusions. Apart from this, ensure that the tyre types are not mixed over the axle only if it is not a complete set.

Always note that some tyres come with special designs. Directional designs are to be fitted in cars so that their tread pattern faces a particular direction. When fitted wrongly, they will affect the handling reducing its durability. Asymmetric models are designed to be fitted specifically to the rim so that certain side faces out. Do not confuse the directional models with asymmetric ones.

Some people prefer specific car tyre brands. The cheap tyres Brisbane dealers sell come from various brands of car tyres, and one can choose from various brands available such as Michelin, Kumho, Bridgestone, Firestone, Yana, etc. Recognized brands have a premium price; lesser-known brands are much cheaper. To choose a quality tyre brand, check on tyre compound, experience in the industry, technology used and general performance.

Maintenance tips

To achieve durability, car tyres need to be properly maintained and serviced.

·         Before checking on the tyre pressure always ensure that there are no visual objects entrenched in the tread such as tiny glasses, thorns, stones, etc.

·         It is very important to run your hands above the sidewalls and treads to detect any cracks, bubbles or cuts, which may destroy the tyre.

·         Always check on the tread wear indicators of your tyres. These indicators are the small spaced bars across the tyre grooves. When the level of the tread reaches the indicators, replace your tyres.

·         Look for any uneven wear and tear, which is an indication of suspension or steering wheel problems.

·         When replacing your tyres, make sure they are well-balanced and aligned.