Have you ever thought of volunteering abroad?

A lot of people think volunteering is a chore which will take up their time and have no reward at the end of the day. The reality is that one should contribute to the society at some point by volunteering abroad. It is not a must you volunteer for charity, you can decide to combine it with one of your hobbies such as traveling. Below are some of the benefits that come with volunteering:

Volunteering Abroad

Free room and board

If you decide to volunteer, this is the most obvious reason: free room and board. For those that have traveled in the past they know how food and accommodation is expensive. Actually one can spend all his or her money on the accommodation. When you volunteer in Cambodia, you get free room and board as a way of appreciating your volunteer work. The meals that the volunteer programs offer are remarkable. In what other way can you tour the whole world without worrying of the price you will pay for food and accommodation?

You can explore

Volunteering abroad gives one an opportunity to explore the countryside and wildlife. Most of the hosts to volunteer programmes are in the countryside and you will explore those sides just like the tourists do. Also, help is usually needed more during the summer season and this is the best time to tour around. Imagine viewing the waterfalls, beautiful lakes and mountains in the sunshine. These are sights that you will never forget.

The people

The hosts are very generous and hospitable people. They don’t treat you like workers; instead they take you like guests. When you are volunteering in Cambodia, you live like a family with the other volunteers. You eat, sleep and work together. This experience makes you bond and you become very close to one another. After all, you have the same goal and that is to contribute back to the society. More info at Involvement Volunteers International.

Learn new skills

When volunteering abroad, you acquire skills that you previously did not have such as working in a hotel or farm. It even amazes you when you learn that there are skills you can do better than your hobbies. You also learn a lot from the roommate and also learn how to live with people who are not your family. Learning a different language such as French or Russia is also an added advantage.

The experience

When you volunteer, you get a time of your own and reflect on your life. This happens in places such as being in a forest and you are taking a rest. You reflect on who you are and what you think is important in your life. This experience motivates and inspires someone. Volunteering gives you an experience to live for and once you volunteer for the first time, you get the desire of doing it again.

Therefore, it’s evident that there are many benefits including a Cambodia travel. Change the perception that volunteering is a waste of time and give back to the community. It will also give you a satisfaction and be proud of the developments in your community.

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